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xilin Scale Pallet Truck BFC6-7E/BFC6-8E

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  • Interface is concise and easy to operate.
  • 6-digit LCD display
  • The maximum error value of the instrument is 0.1 and the weighing accuracy is 0.5kg
  • Can switch between kg/lb with one key
  • The instrument power supply adopts 4.8V/4AH lithium battery which can be used continuously for more than 60 hours, stand-by for up to 300 hours, and charging only takes 5 hours.
  • The instrument screen is equipped with backlight, which will automatically light up when the weight changes, which is convenient for the operator to check; after the weight is stable, the backlight will automatically turn off for saving energy
  • The back of the instrument is totally enclosed, and the harness connection adopts aviation connector / RS232 connector, which improves the overall protection performance of the instrument
  • The whole instrument is protected by iron plate, which prevents the instrument from being damaged from bumps
  • Optional thermal printer
Truck Dimensions

Truck Specifications
Model BFC6-7/BFC6-8
Capacity (kg) 2000
Lowered fork height (mm) 76/85
Total lift height (mm) 165/175
Fork length (mm) 1150
Width overall forks (mm) 540/570/705
Steering wheel (mm) φ160
Fork wheel (mm) φ70
Power 4.8V/4Ah li-ion battery
Max deviation (weight) (kg) 0.5
Max. deviation (rate) (%) ±0.1%
Service weight (kg) 115-130



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