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xilin Electric Walkie Pallet Truck CBD15W-E/CBD20W-E

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  • Adopting floating balance wheel can prevent the side swing of the truck when travelling.
  • Travel smoothly with no swing; great anti-vibration.
  • The whole balance wheel can be removed, easy to maintain.
  • The rock arm mechanism integral structure which improves the structure strength and reduces the obvious deflection in fork height after long use and loading.
  • The drive wheel adopts horizontal type structure which makes the layout position of the motor higher off the ground to prevent the water, dust and greasy dirt gluing on the motor effectively and improve working condition of the motor.
  • The truck is equipped with a height limit switch.
Truck Dimensions

Truck Specifications
Model CBD15W-E CBD20W-E
Drive: electric (battery type, mains, …), diesel, petrol, fuel gas Electric Electric
Operator type: hand, pedestrian, standing, seated, order-picker Pedestrian Pedestrian
Rated capacity/rated load Q(kg) 1500 2000
Load centre distance c(mm) 600 600
Load distance, centre of drive axle to fork x(mm) 951/1021 935/1005
Wheelbase y(mm) 1287/1357 1283/1353
Service weight 205 220
Axle loading, laden front/rear 505/1200 600/1620
Axle loading, unladen front/rear 165/40 170/50
Tyres: solid rubber, super elastic, pneumatic, polyurethane Polyurethane (PU) Polyurethane (PU)
Tyre size, front Φ195×70 Φ195×70
Tyre size, rear single Φ80×93/74×93 tandem Φ80×70/74×70 single Φ80×93/74×93 tandem Φ80×70/74×70
Additional wheels (dimensions) 44×17 44×17
Wheels, number front/rear (× = driven wheels) 1X+2/2(4) 1X+2/2(4)
Tread, front b10(mm) 284 284
Tread, rear b11(mm) 360/390/525 360/390/525
Max. lift height h3(mm) 110 110
Height drawbar in driving position min./max h14(mm) 700/1250 700/1250
Height lowered h13(mm) 85/75 85/75
Overall length l1(mm) 1654/1724 1654/1724
Length to face of forks l2(mm) 504 504
Overall width b1/b2(mm) 685/562 685/562
Fork dimensions DIN ISO 2331 s/e/l(mm) 53/160/1150(1220) 53/160/1150(1220)
Fork spread b5(mm) 520/550/685 520/550/685
Ground clearance, centre of wheelbase m2(mm) 32/22 32/22
Aisle width for pallets 1000 x 1200 crossways Ast(mm) 2260/2328 2244/2310
Aisle width for pallets 800 × 1200 lengthways Ast(mm) 2128/2365 2120/2155
Turning radius Wa(mm) 1454/1424 1440/1510
Travel speed, laden/unladen km/h 4.3/4.8 4.3/4.8
Lift speed, laden/unladen m/s 0.025/0.03 0.025/0.03
Lowering speed, laden/unladen m/s 0.035/0.025 0.035/0.025
Max. gradeability, laden/unladen % 5/20 5/20
Service brake Electromagnetic Electromagnetic
Drive motor rating S2 60 min kW 0.65 0.75
Lift motor rating at S3 15% kW 0.8 0.8
Battery voltage/nominal capacity K5 (V)/(Ah) or kWh 24/65 24/105
Battery weight kg 36 49
Sound pressure level at the driver’s seat dB(A) 70 70


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