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Sunward Medium Excavator SWE240FED

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Looking for a robust and environmentally friendly medium excavator around 24 tons? The Sunward SWE 240FED electric medium excavator fits the bill perfectly. Ideal for areas with strict emission and noise regulations, as well as challenging environments like cold plateaus and confined spaces, it offers versatility, durability, and a long lifespan.

Featuring a 3-phase asynchronous motor and advanced hydraulics, it delivers power, smooth operation, and high productivity while respecting the environment. This top-of-the-line excavator boasts excellent performance, comfortable operation, and easy maintenance.

Equipped with Sunward’s remote control technology, it ensures safety and efficiency in hazardous environments. The smart electric excavator can work continuously for over 6 hours on a full charge, with fast charging in just 1.5 hours. Powered by 400 kW/h Lithium-ion batteries and a 120 kW motor, it combines power with eco-friendliness.

With safety features like cameras, touch screen interface, remote troubleshooting, and GPS, the SWE 240FED prioritizes operator comfort and safety.

Operating weight 23 180 kg
Standard bucket capacity 1.0 m³
Shipping length 9 650 mm
Shipping width 2 710 mm
Height over cabin 3 318 mm
Motor type 3-Phase asynchronous
Emission rating Zero emission
Rated power output  120 kW
Working Range
Max. digging depth 4 850 mm
Max. digging reach 9 710 mm
Max. bucket digging force 155 kN
Max. arm digging force 110 kN


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