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Wheel loader LW800KN



Dual-pump combined technology, hydraulic flow expanding steering, and single-handle guide control, flexible and convenient.

The steering limit is dual limits of hydraulic control and mechanical control.The hydraulic control limit is prior to the mechanical limit, reducing the impact.Fully hydraulic wet brake, low pressure protection, combination of emergy brake and parking brake, ensuring the safe traveling. With the electromagnet positioning technology, the machine has the automatical leveling function, decreasing the working labor of the operator and improving the work efficiency.

Intelligent and independent ventilation system could change the fan speed according to the working condition, saving the energy and improving the economics of the machine. Integrated lubricating system ensures the normal operation of each friction part. Long wheelbase, centered distribution of the articulation centers, good reliability of the machine.


Item Unit Parameter
Bucket Load 4.5
Rated Load kg 8000
Rated Power kw 261
Operating Weight kg 28500
Max.Breakout KN 250
Overall dimension(LxWxH) mm 9400*3400*3770



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