Chery Equipment

Mini Excavator KV12B

Engine:Koop Euro5 Briggs Stratton


Total Size(L*W*H):2200 * 930 * 2200mm

Digging depth:1750mm

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The complete set of hydraulic systems are international well-known brands, no rust, no valve jamming, etc. regardless of wind, sun, rain, etc. At the same time, the products can be customized to meet the needs of different countries and customers. It can be applied to a variety of complex environment operations, whether it is mountains, hills, terraced fields, hard ground, paddy fields, it can be easily done.


Product Dimension 2370mm*2200mm*920mm
Weight 885kg
Working device mode Back Hole
Track length 1250mm
Rated power 7.0kw
Track width 180mm
Maximum excavation height 2500mm
Radius of gyration 1550mm
Wheelbase 420mm
Power 7kw
Working device form backhoe
Chassis width 930mm
Maximum excavation depth 1400mm
Full vehicle height 2200mm
Bucket capacity 0.03m³
Tyre gauge 770mm
Minimum ground clearance 385mm
Maximum digging radius 2900mm
Shipping length 2170mm
Max. dumping height 1850mm


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