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Excavator KME10

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Engine Travel System
Model KOOP( KD192F-1) Travel motors SMT-310
Type Direct injection, air cooled, natural intake Support roller quantities 2×2
Carrier roller quantities 0
No.engine cylinder 1  Travel speed  1.9(km/h)
Bore and stroke 92×75 Drawbar pulling force 8.3KN
Displacement 0.499 Gradeability 58%
Power output 7kw/3000rpm Rubber track width 180mm
Max. torque 27N.m/2200rpm Rubber track Thickness 40mm
Swing System Refilling Capacity & lubrication
Swing motor OMR200 Fuel tank 7L
Swing motor type Gerotor motor Engine oil 1.2L
Swing speed 13 r/min Hydraulic oil tank 14.5L Oil Tank Level
Bucket capacity 0.022m3
Bucket width 400 mm
Working ranges
Boom length 1480m
A Max. digging height 2550mm
B Max. dumping height 1687mm
C Max. digging depth 1787mm
D Max. vertical digging depth 1626mm
E Max. digging radius 3077mm
F Max. digging radius at ground level 2975mm
G Min swing radius of work equipment 1483mm
H Swing radius at tail 795mm
Digging Force
Arm length 800mm
A Bucket digging force 7.2 KN
B Arm digging force 4.6 KN
Overall Dimensions
A Overall length 2876mm I Track grounding length 900mm
B Ground contact length(Transportation) 2650mm J Track length 1233mm
C Overall height(to top of boom) 1040mm K Track gauge 670mm
D Overall width 908mm L Track width 840mm
E Overall height(to top of cab) 1495mm M Track Shoe width 180mm
F Counterweight ground clearance 385mm O Counterweight ground clearance 385mm
G Min. Ground clearance 132mm
Operating Weight and Ground Pressure and system pressure
Operating weight includes basic machine
Operating weight 960kg
Ground pressure 20 KPa
Hydraulic system pressure 16Mpa


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